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At Ankita Enterprises, we are an established recruitment firms that offers HR services like Placement Services, HR Consultancy, Media Services, Manpower Recruitment and Executive Search to clients. We have been a part of the HR industry since the past eight years. History And Achievements The Concept of consultancy is not new in the world business fraternity but the business model has obviously changed over the years from just providing services to focusing on creating core values and concentrating on developing unique products and services for industries in todays era of globalization. There are many instances in the world, for example, The Tata Consultancy Services (TCS), Infosys as how they have gone on changing their business models since they actually started the business operations in their nascent stages. Ankita Enterprises (Placement Consultant) is not new to such changes and did the same in keeping up with the fast and ever changing dynamics of world scenario of business concepts. The Company started its operations way back in 2004 and from there on it has made a place for itself in these eight years by growing from strength to strength. Our Mission & Vision Vision A Companys vision is driven by the sublime and aspiring ambitions of each and every individual within the organization. As the vision is a long-term strategy for any organization or the firm. This Company is no different from others and wants to be amongst the top ten Placement consultants in the world in five to ten years down the line. Mission The mission of any Company is a short-term objective that aims at achieving the near term milestones which include increasing of the client base from the current 100 to 150 in a year. We also want this company to be the ultimate choice and destination for both employers and employees.